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We are passionate about bringing creative solutions to a complex industry by analyzing data, automating redundant tasks, and eliminating disruptions.

We can help you NOW by focusing on what is important in your end-to-end revenue cycle.

Where are you today?

Use the Spark calculator below to determine where you are today compared to where Spark can take you.

A Results-Based Process

We tailor our solutions based on your needs. Similar to a doctor’s appointment, we’ll collaborate to diagnose the challenges you face before finding the appropriate course of action for your current system timeline.


Develop a strategy and design regimen to help you plan for the future.


Determine immediate steps to resolve and stabilize your situation today.


Establish a plan for ongoing maintenance and support to ensure future success.


Sal LoPorto

Co-founder of Spark

After 13 years of supporting and designing clients' environments, Sal is taking his entrepreneurial talents and high performing team-building skills to accelerate clients' financial performance across the industry. His experience with all varieties of clients has led him to one conclusion: It is imperative to enable providers to generate immediately reimbursable transactions.

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