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Spark is a Revenue Cycle optimization and automation company.

Same-day tool implementation leaves you with the ability to redirect your staff to other priorities

Where are you today?

Use the Spark calculator below to determine where you are today compared to where Spark can take you.

Adjust the sliders according to your specific data.

Number of Health Plans: 250
Biller Productivity/Day: 25 Claims
Clean Claim Rate: 75%
Types of Encounters: 10

Number of Locations: 75
Denial Rate: 5%
Hold Rate: 5%
Internal Edit Rate: 5%
Number of Charges: 5000

Based on a $30,000 yearly biller salary

A Results-Based Process

We tailor our solutions based on your needs. Similar to a doctor’s appointment, we’ll collaborate to diagnose the challenges you face before finding the appropriate course of action for your current system timeline.


Develop a strategy and design regimen to help you plan for the future.


Determine immediate steps to resolve and stabilize your situation today.


Establish a plan for ongoing maintenance and support to ensure future success.


Sal LoPorto

Co-founder of Spark

After 13 years of supporting and designing clients' environments, Sal is taking his entrepreneurial talents and high performing team-building skills to accelerate clients' financial performance across the industry. His experience with all varieties of clients has led him to one conclusion: It is imperative to enable providers to generate immediately reimbursable transactions.