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Take Back Control

Our approach gives you back control by surfacing data to help you make business decisions and providing automation tools to execute.

Spark 3D pyramid


What is it?

Spark3D is a complementary system-level analysis, drawing on our knowledge and proprietary technique, to discover possibilities to streamline your operations, saving you time and money.
In contrast to the traditional, outdated method of completing assessments, our evaluation does not inconvenience your personnel and takes only two weeks, at which time Spark will present you with our findings and recommendations.

How does it work?

Our non-invasive approach looks at your system and takes only two weeks, at which time you will be presented with our findings and recommendations. 

Spark 3D
Spark Testing Cog with check marks


What is it?

Spark Testing is a high-volume strategy to ensure your system is operational. Spark employs proprietary automation to test 100% of your patient and billing situations, providing you with the assurance that you have accounted for how you do business now and minimizing the impact that change may bring.

How does it work?

Spark learns how you do business and applies that reasoning to testing ALL scenarios depending on the changes you are making.

Whether big or small, we ensure that the change has an effect on the output you want, how that change affects what you want, and that testing is automated without being difficult and costly.

Spark Testing
Spark 360 Magnifying glass inspecting data


What is it?

Spark360 is an analytic approach that aids in the monitoring of your operational business while also providing alerts and trending for business improvement.

How does it work?

Spark 360 provides you with the information you need to make the greatest business decisions by analyzing your transactional data daily and using Spark's algorithms to show you interruptions in your operations and opportunities to fix them.

Spark 360


Spark Automation cogs

What is it?

Spark Automation is an integrated workflow engine that accelerates and reduces effort in your billing process.


How does it work?

Spark's automation takes action in place of your users, by drawing on our expertise and experience of your system and the rev cycle industry. This automation embeds into your existing workflows to decrease work queues and transactional effort.

Spark Autmaton


Spark P2P

What is it?

Spark P2P is a comprehensive package that includes Spark 3D, Spark Automation, and Spark 360 to manage your business from Patient Presentation to Payment (P2P).

How does it work?

Spark forms a strategic collaboration with you in which technical experience and rev cycle expertise are integrated into your operations to tackle end-to-end rev cycle difficulties.
By aligning throughout the rev cycle continuum, Spark can bring tools, analytics, and strategy together.

Spark P2P

Our Capabilities

  • Collections

  • Reporting/GL

  • Other

  • Billing

  • Follow Up

  • Cash Posting

  • Self Pay

  • Patient Access

  • HIM/Coding

  • Charging

  • In House

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