Results in action

From saving millions of dollars to cutting back on thousands of manual hours to reducing headaches across the Revenue Cycle, we get results. Below you’ll see just a few highlights from clients who have engaged with us to automate and optimize their Revenue Cycle. 




We operate in an increasingly data-driven society.


Every day, clients are faced with dark data, unused information from stored transactions and gaps in data generated from business activity.


While working with a large business office struggling to surface and prioritize work, we realized we needed a way for client data to drive actionable insights.

Our partnership led to the development of Spark 3D, our solution to clients' data needs. Spark 3D evaluates balances across a client's system to provide additional insight on meaningful actions.


Spark 3D signals an empowered operational approach to avoid reimbursement pitfalls.


Spark insight reporting creates a transparent view of all balances across a client's A/R to prioritize action and prevent reimbursement challenges.




For many years, late charges have impacted multiple facets of the revenue cycle process.


Spark set out to transform the process of handling late charges with a data-informed and technology-driven approach.


We teamed up with our clients to automate late charge evaluation to eliminate repeated manual actions.


Late charge automation represents a re-imagining of chronic operational challenges all clients experience.


Annual savings of:

  • Over 268,000 manual actions

  • Over 4,470 hours




Clients are challenged with managing transactions from the time a patient presents to the point of payment, introducing complexity at every step. 

This P to P approach is crucial to client Revenue Cycle success and requires a holistic view and plan for tracking and actioning on system transactions.


Spark sought to leverage predictive analytics and AI to track and manage the necessary elements in a P to P approach.

Starting with Spark 3D insights and leveraging Spark Automation, Spark paired up with a large IDN to identify opportunities for improvement across the P to P spectrum.


Our Spark 360 focuses on this client's P to P spectrum has resulted in:


  • Over $70 million impacted

  • 645,900+ actions automated

  • 17,319 manual work hours saved

  • 59% total disruption reduction across holds, edits, held in scrubber, and denials

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