How we can help

Accelerate Results

You could have done everything right: found a technology partner to implement new systems, educated yourself on the ins and outs of how to use it, kept up-to-date on all the latest software and solutions, and more. But the fact is, the systems and processes have blind spots — and they just so happen to be very expensive blind spots. We specialize in seeing those, in breaking down the revenue cycle and finding ways to get it back to working for you, finding efficiencies, maximizing utilization, and being the Spark your healthcare organization deserves.



Develop a strategy and design regimen to help you plan for the future.


Design: Understanding the capabilities of the system positions us to be experts in deploying client strategies and allows us to design a system for you.

Example: Provide guidance on how all claim fields are populated to ensure upstream build is present.

Clinical Integration: Departmental preparedness of clinically-driven revenue cycle system

Example: We ensure that a provider's order gets the payer-specific codes needed for correct billing.

Pre Go-Live Readiness: Identify and optimize foundation areas of concern prior to your Revenue Cycle project go-live. 

Example: Evaluate charge master has been fully translated from your legacy system.

High Volume TestingOur proprietary testing methods create thousands of automated scenarios for validation against your legacy numbers.

Example: Most companies stick 30 people in a room and ask them to generate testing data resulting in minimal examples and wasting time. We automate actions such as charging and claim generation to test all patient scenarios.


Determine immediate steps to resolve and stabilize your situation today


Conversion Support: We’ll bring our expertise in supporting systems to work for your organization.

Example: Immediate evaluation of metrics (DNFB, Clean Claim Rate, etc.) through detailed claim and charge diagnostics.

Optimization Projects: Agile methodology used to deploy targeted projects for focus areas of concern such as charges, claims, denials, etc.

Example: Evaluate existing claim edits to be eliminated through upstream processes or automation.

Automation Development: As data model experts, we can write, develop, and/or instruct on the best approaches for getting you the functionality you need.

Example: In order to quickly identify and resolve large bottlenecks in the system, we must be able to leverage automation scripts such as charge toggles and claim cancellation to reprocess large amounts of data and resolve the issue.



Establish a plan for ongoing maintenance and support to ensure future success.

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Diagnostic Subscriptions: Leveraging our analytics, clients are provided data-driven resolutions to eliminate bottlenecks and drive efficiency through their own IT team.

Example: Leading indicators interrogation such as edit failures, holds, denials, revenue by cost center, charge master usage, etc.

Revenue Cycle Managed Services: Using our proprietary diagnostics, we monitor your system to ensure a quiet flow of transactions.  As disruptions occur, we take action on behalf of the client to initially mitigate but ultimately eradicate from occurring again.

Example: Missing Rendering Physician on 1500 claim.  Spotted, corrected, and fixed going forward.